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Angels~ God's beautiful messengers of love, light, healing & protection.

Angels are beautiful energy beings who transcend time and space as messengers between heaven and earth.  They can be in more than one place, helping more than one person at a time.  Throughout the centuries, they have been recognized by most religions and have come to many during times of peril, grief and great joy.


Everyone has the ability to hear God's divine guidance. If you have tried connecting with God, your Angels and Spiritual Guides but feel you are not receiving an answer or are confused, you are probably just too close to the situation to be unbiased or you may just need a little help as you learn how to recognize and interpret their messages.  Your own feelings may be getting in the way & creating blocks, you may not have enough confidence or you may just need a little help understanding how to interpret what you've received.  Often the answers we seek are right in front of us, but we just don't see them for one reason or another. 

An experienced spiritual and intuitive teacher or mentor can help you get started.  After a few lessons and some practice, you'll begin to feel confident in your own spiritual gifts & abilities.  It won't be long and you'll be on your way, able to connect with God & His divine guidance whenever you need it, not relying on anyone else!  I actually LOVE it when that happens!  It warms my heart every time one of my students begins to trust their own intuition and no longer relies on me and others for answers.  Everything you need to know is right inside of you & a good teacher or mentor will help you discover this.  They will point you in the right direction by sharing their knowledge, experience and insight, then they'll stand back and watch as you get ready to take off and they will rejoice in seeing you soar!


It is my wish that everyone will learn to use their own internal guidance system to ask God directly for His help & then be able to hear and understand His answers.... If you are asking,  He IS answering you- He ALWAYS answers!  If you're not receiving an answer, it could even be that God's answers may not be coming in the way you are expecting them or you may want a specific answer so desperately that you are blind to the answer coming to you in any other way.  Rest assured, God ALWAYS answers our prayers and He loves it when we come to Him and  ask for His guidance.  When you ask God, be open, clear and ready to hear what He has to say and also be ready to take some action!  That may seem obvious, but sometimes, we, may be receiving His guidance and if we don't follow through, and we are expecting Him to do "it" for us.... nothing will change. We must be willing to take action for the changes we want to occur. God will guide us, but in order for us to receive what we are asking for, we MUST have Faith and be willing to take the steps that are required of us. 


If you need assistance in hearing God's guidance for you, or want to learn how to better connect with Him by opening and expanding upon your own intuitive gifts, I would love to help you.  I have years of experience in channeling divine guidance as well as in teaching others how to open and expand their own intuitive gifts and  abilities. I offer one on one Intuitive Guidance Sessions  and Intuitive Mentoring Sessions by phone which are based on an hourly rate and Intuitive card readings via email.  

Many of my clients prefer having a phone session with me, simply because they can get so much more out of having an interactive, two way conversation.  Card readings via email also offer great insight