♥♥♥Angel Candle Therapy ♥♥♥

[Infusing Your Candles With Love, Light & Intentions]


Candle lighting has been used for thousands of years as a powerful tool for manifesting & healing.  When using candle therapy to manifest your desires and intentions you are activating a powerful energy that can greatly alter your life in a positive way. As you light your intentions with candles, be sure to call upon your God and your Angels for guidance and assistance.     

You will want to start with a new candle that you will "charge" or energize with your own energy vibration and intentions.  Start by applying a minimal amount of essential oil to your hands and massage your candle. This will impregnate your personal energy into the candle.

Next, hold the candle with your right hand, just above the mid-line and place your left hand just below the mid-line.  Hold the candle for a few moments, while holding your intentions in your heart and mind.  Breathe your intentions deeply into your being and breathe them out and into your candle.  Now you are ready to cut the wick and light your activated and energized candle.

Using Colored Candles To Light Your Intentions!

[When to use a specific color]:

Use of a specific colored candle, can assist with creating a stronger energy for manifesting.  

Basic List of Candle Colors & Intentions:

White- Peace of mind, Protection, Purity, Angelic Communication

Yellow- Arthritis, Art, Acting, Children, Communication, Creative Expression, Dance, Music, Writing

Green- Calming, Employment, Healing, Money, Balance, Beauty, Friendship, Harmony, Health, Peace, Relaxation  

Pink- Love, Loving Energy, Peace of Mind, Prosperity, Sleep

Purple- Enhancing Psychic Perception, Faith, Protection in Legal Affairs,  Spiritual Insight

Red- Depression, Energizing, Excitement, Power, Rank

Brown- Conservation, Grounding, Stop Smoking, Working With Hands

Orange- Abundance, Confidence, Friends, Health, Self-esteem, Yoga

Black-  Avoiding Negative People, Clearing Blocks, Deflecting Negative Energy, To Stop Undesirable Conditions

SilverClearing Energy Fields, Detachment- Letting Go, Psychic Protection, Receiving Clear Guidance, Repelling Negative Energy,  Truth

Gold-  Collaborating, Confidence, Healing, Inspiration, Love, Powerful Friends & Connections, Wealth


Reiki & Essential Oils Are Another Wonderful & Powerful

Way To Enhance, Energize & Infuse Your Intention Candles!

Following, are examples, of some of my "all-time-favorite" Reiki Infused Herbal Intention Candles by Crystal Journey™:

Crystal Journey Reiki Infused Herbal Intention Candles ♥


Ascended Masters and Guides (Dragon's Blood, Olive Oil Peppermint, Musk, Saffron): Use to increase your receptiveness to wisdom from higher powers.

Angel's Influence (Honeysuckle, Rose, Peppermint, Sweet Heather): Use to help find Angelic guidance. 

Compassion (Orange Blossom, Vanilla, Chamomile): Use for help in letting go and forging ahead with a rekindled spirit.

Dreams (Lavender, Rosemary, Ylang Ylang): Use to enhance your dream.

Harmony (Orange Blossom, Rose, Sassafras, Juniper, Myrrh, Dragon's Blood): Use to create a harmonious and happy environment. 

Love (Olive Oil, Patchouli, Rose, Clove, Lavender, Dragon's Blood): Use to attract someone to you. 

Money (Clove, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Myrrh, Citronella, Rain): Use to attract lotteries, raises and cash.

Peace (Vanilla, Clove, Myrrh, Ginger Root, Caraway Seed): Use to create tranquil environment and quiet the mind. 

Positive Energy (Frankincense, Dragon's Blood, Sandalwood, Saffron): Use to attract positive energy into your life. 

Protection (Frankincense, Sandalwood, Rosemary, Clove): Use as protection from outside forces. 

Spirit Candle (Sage, Lemon, Clove): Use to assist your focus on the spiritual side of life.