Angel Dreams Oracle Cards

[By Doreen Virtue & Melissa Virtue]

Angel Dreams Oracle Cards


Common Symbols And Their Spiritual Meanings 

Airplane- Airplanes and flying are both considered to be symbols of far-reaching thoughts, ideas and insights. It is able to rise against gravity.

Airport- Freedom. Travel. As it is the starting point to flight.

Alarm- Something needs to be activated or started.  Something must be done right away.

Albatross (Large Sea Bird)- Good news is on the way!  Everything will be OK.

Alligator- Fear of being swallowed up by tasks and work.  Pay attention to your animalistic aggressions.  Could also be a warning that an enemy is arriving.

Almonds-  Bitter almonds mean disappointment; sweet almonds mean good luck.

Alphabet- Wholeness and complete spiritual richness is realized.  Order.  Highly oriented toward the abstract, as when dreaming about numbers.  Could also mean a friend is returning.

Alter-  Well-know holy place: a place of power, spirituality, growth, and development.  Ideals that are held dear are addressed and should be either elevated or sacrificed.  The alter is a place of transformation.

Anchor-  Security, as in family & home.  The desire to be grounded in spite of all of the emotions.  Can also symbolize Self-confidence, but also a standstill.

Antelope- Elegance.  A Vivacious woman.  Desire and eroticism.

Antlers- Aggressive, physical male drive.  Unfaithfulness.  Antlers on the wall, however, represent sexuality/ fertility in the past.

Ants- It is necessary to reevaluate your obligation to the community.  To become more actively involved.  There are tendencies of isolation.  Patient and persistent work will bring benefits.  It could also mean you are too much of a busy body or their is too much turmoil, excitement, nervousness.  Ants may also be a warning sign to unwind and make time for self-contemplation.  Ants are also a sign of intelligence.

Ape- Developmental difficulties.  Increased rigidity.  You need to allow yourself to be more playful and happy.  

Apple- Health and naturalness; renewal of life and the symbol of immortality- the golden apple.  It is also the ancient fertility symbol, as are the pomegranate and fig.  My angels may show me an apple if the person I am speaking with is a teacher.  An apple also represents learning- so it could be sign to teach or learn something new.

Apricots- Female sexual symbol- well being.  May also mean being lucky in love.

Aquarium- Artificial living space.  Deep desires for a more natural lifestyle.

Arm-  Basics for action. Reaching for something or getting something.  Wanting to accomplish something.

Armchair- Resting, being peaceful, however it can also be a sign for laziness or boredom.  It may also point to the fact that the person acts like a ruler.

Astronaut-  Expanding consciousness; seeing and being given much news.  Exploring the hereafter and other realities.

Attic-  A place where forgotten goals , expectations and dreams are stored.  Could also represent intellectual taboos.Attorney-  A need for fair and proper self treatment.  The search for what is proper.  You are making demands.  Call for help or business problem.  Question of fairness or the opposite- it is being addressed.  Points also to powerlessness  or unused persuasive skills.

Autumn- A time for harvesting,maturity, success, prosperity.  To become aware about life, reaching new goals.  Allow yourself peace and quiet, reflecting on your circumstances.

Blue Jay-   The Blue jay is relentless at protecting their young and their territory.  They are vigilant in their tasks and they symbolize endurance, patience and loyalty, as they mate for life.  They are a symbol of long-lasting bonds between family, friends and lovers.  The Blue jay also symbolizes clarity of higher thoughts and taking action.  The blue jay asks for honesty and forthrightness.  If a Blue jay appears in a dream it may be asking us to be honest with ourselves.

Buffalo- Teaches us about Prayer and Abundance.  The Buffalo teaches us that true prosperity comes when we are grateful for what we have and when we live in harmony and love with all other beings.  We can truly manifest whatever we want in our lives and the buffalo reminds us of this.  When the Buffalo appears in our lives, the Universe is presenting us with an opportunity for Abundance- So pay attention!

Butterfly- The Butterfly represents transformation- You are no longer held back, but are free to fly.  As it leaves the safety of its cocoon, it trusts its new wings to allow it to fly into its new found world.  Is is about bringing color and joy into our world.  It is a powerful symbol for those contemplating or going through major changes.  It asks that we dance joyfully as we make transformational changes.

Crow- Teaches us about integrity- To do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  To know ourselves beyond the limitations  of one-dimensional thinking and laws.  To learn to trust our intuitions and personal integrity. There is magic wherever crows are. They teach us that there is magic alive in this world  and this magic is ours to use to create our world for ourselves.

If you come across a symbol not mentioned here, the first question to ask yourself, in determining it's meaning is "How did I feel when I first saw this symbol and/or what does this symbol mean to me?"  

Then, "What is the first thing I thought of when I saw this symbol?"  As you continue to meditate on the symbol, think about it's attributes-  Is it strong?  Is it weak?  Is it new?  Is it old?  Is it warm?  Is it cold?  

Describe the "nature" of the symbol. Most often the meaning will be uncovered when you ask yourself these types of questions.


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