Connecting With Your Angels

Connecting With God & Your Angels Is Easy As 1-2-3

Communicating with God & your Angels is not as complicated as you might think.  God created us with the ability to "hear" Him & His Heavenly Messengers, Our Angels. You may have already experienced this through "gut" feelings, deja vu, synchronicities, coincidences & other signs.  The best way to open the lines of communication with the Divine is to simply start talking to them. They are right there with you, whether you can see them or not. Just Believe & know that they are excited that you want to develop a personal relationship with them.


Here are some of the basics to  get you started on this exciting  & amazing spiritual journey!


1) Dedicate a special journal and even a special pen, if you choose, for your Angel communication.


2) Raise your vibration by creating a "sacred" space to sit with your Angels daily.  When you are in this space, it should make you feel good:  Fresh flowers, candles, incense, chimes, bells, crystal bowls, stones & crystals  are all wonderful ways to raise your vibration and increase your communication with your angels!  If you do not already have some of these items, please check out our Gift Shoppe (items posted on the left side of this page, as you scroll down.  There are many more items in the Gift Shoppe that are not pictured here on our website, so please have fun exploring all of the special deals available for our Friends & Fans visiting our website! 


3) Meditate for at least 15 minutes a day, then spend another 15 minutes writing in your special Angel Journal.  Just write the first thing that comes to mind. If your mind is cluttered due to a stressful situation and you are having trouble clearing your mind, Our Angels ask that you just put it all on paper, in your journal.  Just get it out- eventually, the clutter will diminish or go away, allowing room for your Angel's messages.  Be patient.  Relax & have fun!  If you are not sure what to write, simply doodle~ many of my students, over the years have received beautiful and very accurate messages while doodling!  Getting stressed out and  trying too hard will only create blocks.  Our Angels messages can get through to us so much easier when we are relaxed.


Our Angels bring us God's loving guidance through energy vibrations . As you raise your vibrations to those of your Angels, you can greatly increase your ability to open the channels for Divine communication. Like everything else, it just takes practice.  You are basically learning a new language, so relax, enjoy & stay with it. 

It took me several years to fluently understand this beautiful Divine language. Aside from practicing, you can make great strides with the assistance of a mentor, who can help you learn to recognize and understand this beautiful "language". The right mentor will share their experiences, what they are feeling, seeing, hearing, etc and how they are interpreting these as messages for you.  

Many of my students whom I personally mentor, were already receiving messages from God & their Angels, they simply did not recognize the messages and/or know how to interpret them.  After a few intuitive coaching/mentoring sessions with me, they caught on quickly. A mentor not only helps you learn to recognize and interpret this new language you are learning, they also help you to build confidence.  Without confidence, and also with fear & anxiety, you will create blocks and the messages you receive will become unclear and possibly even blocked.  It only takes a few sessions with an experienced mentor to get the ball rolling.

When we are blocked, we are not able to hear clearly and the messages we "think"  we are receiving are not necessarily the same messages that God is sending to us. It is important to recognize the difference between your own thoughts, feelings and desires verses Divine Guidance. The other thing that often happens is that as human beings, we can each hear the same thing and it can mean something completely different than how the person meant it- "People tend to hear what they want to hear."  So, with that in mind, discernment is extremely important. 

Being clear, is especially important.  Having a personal mentor, who can help you learn how to be clear as well as how to discern and how to know that the messages you think you are receiving are in fact Divine Guidance that has been interpreted properly.  A good mentor is someone who has ample experience and can help guide you as you work toward learning and mastering this new language for yourself.  If you are looking for a mentor, ask God & your Angels to help guide you to the right one.  Then get ready, because once you ask, they are sure to deliver- it's just up to you to recognize it & then to act on their guidance.

God and our Angels love to help us!  Their guidance is ALWAYS positive, loving and supportive, bringing us the guidance and insight that we need right now, ALWAYS guiding us to experience more love and joy. 

I want to wish you an abundance of love, joy, peace and blessings on this amazing journey of spiritual awakening and self-discovery. What you will discover is amazing- because NOTHING that you are searching for is outside of you. You may or may not understand "that" quite yet, but when you do, it will be an eye-opening, heart-widening, mind blowing and amazing discovery- but don't be in a rush- there are so many beautiful Ah-ha moments along the way that you don't want to miss!  

Every day of your life is meant to be an amazing experience. Developing a close relationship with God, is such a life-changing and transformational experience, in and of itself-  one of the most profound realizations is when you realize, You are NEVER alone!  NOT EVER!!!  I want YOU to KNOW that & experience THAT! When you are able to ask for & receive clear Divine Guidance on a daily basis life you will begin to take more control of your life and make better decisions that are in alignment with your highest good. It takes time, but with practice, and a good mentor, you'll get there quicker than you might have imagined. Abundant Love, Blessings & (((Soul-Hugs)))- Jacqueline

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